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The GaryWear Active Brief can be used for swimming as well as during the normal course of the day. GaryWear Active Briefs in PUL are designed to fit snugly over a disposable diaper – for an extra layer of protection around the clock. You can also use them with trimmer fitting reusable cloth diapers. Unlike with traditional plastic underwear, a slimmer cut makes them less bulky, more form fitting and discreet. They’re made with PUL (Polyurethane Laminated) fabric, which is waterproof, yet breathable. PUL is a waterproof barrier material that keeps liquids in, yet allows air to circulate and preventing heat buildup which can cause skin irritation. We stock GaryWear Active Briefs in colours; white and black.

What is a GaryWear Active Brief?
It is a breathable, waterproof fabric pant to wear over disposable diapers for added protection day or night, and anytime you just can’t get to a bathroom.

How do I know the right size brief to purchase?
As most leaks start at the legs, it’s imperative you choose the right fit. Begin by measuring your legs and that will guide you. If you use your waist as a starting point, you could end up with the wrong fit. See our size guide for exact instructions.

Can I wear my GaryWear Active Briefs over cloth diapers?
Yes, just purchase one size larger.

How should I store my briefs between washings?
Store clean briefs as you would any regular underwear. If you cannot wash soiled underwear immediately, rinse them out and hang to dry. Mould may grow if underwear sits too long between washings.

Do I have to use a plastic cover over my GaryWear Active Brief?

Adult Sizing:
Thigh measurement—-Waist measurement—-Hips measurement——Size
43.2cm – 50.8cm ——– 55.9cm – 73.7cm ——– 78.7cm – 86.4cm —— 3XS
48.2cm – 55.9cm ——– 58.4cm – 81.3cm ——– 83.8cm – 91.4cm —— 2XS
53.3cm – 61.0cm ——– 63.5cm – 88.9cm ——– 88.9cm – 96.5cm ——- XS
55.9cm – 63.5cm ——– 68.6cm – 96.5cm ——– 94.0cm – 101.6cm —— S
58.4cm – 66.0cm ——– 73.7cm – 104.1cm —— 101.6cm – 111.8cm —– M
61.0cm – 68.6cm ——– 78.7cm – 111.8cm —— 109.2cm – 116.8cm —– L
63.5cm – 71.1cm ——– 83.8cm – 119.4cm —— 114.3cm – 121.9cm—– XL
66.0cm – 73.7cm ——– 88.9cm – 124.5cm —— 119.4cm – 127.0cm —– 2XL
71.1cm – 78.7cm ——– 94.0cm – 129.5cm —— 124.5cm – 137.1cm —– 3XL
76.2cm – 83.8cm ——– 99.1cm – 134.6cm —— 129.5cm – 137.2cm —– 4XL
81.3cm – 88.9cm ——- 104.1cm – 139.7cm —– 134.6cm – 142.2cm —– 5XL

Sizing Tip:
The products have been rigorously tested in the field. DON’T buy a size larger than indicated to make sure there is enough room, as the product will likely be too large.

Please note: Due to health reasons and the particular purpose of our swim pants, they are not able to be returned or exchanged unless found to be faulty or wrongly described. Please check our sizing charts carefully before making a purchase.