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Waterproof Eenee Swimmers are suitable for containing urinary &/or bowel incontinence while swimming-however they look and feel like regular swimmers and are suitable for both men and women, boys and girls.

Eenee Swimmers are pull-on swim pants. They have a stretchy waterproof inner sling (made from knitted nylon with polyurethane coating) for containing incontinence. The outer swim fabric is high chlorine resistant polyester. Leg and Waist draw cords provide extra support and security. Wet swimmers in the shower and then pull cords to get the best fit. No disposable pad insert is required. These swimmers are designed for use in the pool, not as an absorbent garment for outside the pool. Some pool water will enter the garment once submerged in the pool. They are designed to provide enough containment, so that if soiling does occur, the wearer has time to vacate the pool and go to the showers to wash up before returning to the pool. Australian Designed and Made.

Colour: Blue

Available in 6 sizes waistband.
9523XS: waistband 45 to 57cm
9523S: waistband 58 to73 cm
9523M: waistband 74 to 89cm
9523L: waistband 90-105cm
9523XL: waistband 106 to 120cm
9523XXL: waistband 110-135cm