Disposable Swim Pants – GST FREE

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Theraquatics Disposable Swim Diapers are made from a laminated (waterproofed) nylon/lycra fabric with a 100% knit polyester inner. It does not contain Latex or any latex properties. It’s non-absorbent, breathable material won’t come apart and clog pool filtration systems. They are effective in containing solids without adding weight or disintegrating.

These Disposable Swim Diapers feature elasticized legs and waist for a snug fit and are designed to be worn under a swimsuit in order to increase their effectiveness. They can be worn until soiled and then disposed of. Neat individual packaging (sent in discrete non marked mailer).

Colour: White only.

Returns: Due to health reasons and the particular purpose of our swim pants, they are not able to be returned or exchanged unless found to be faulty or wrongly described. Please check our sizing charts carefully before making a purchase.

Child-12M (Weight 4.5-6.8kg) – 9520C-12M
Child-18M (Weight 6.8-9.0kg) – 9520C-18M
Child-24M (Weight 8-11kg) – 9520C-24M
Child-2T (Weight 9-13.5kg) – 9520C-2T
Child-3T (Weight 13.5-18kg) – 9520C-3T
Child-4T (Weight 18.5kg+) – 9520C-4T
Youth 6/8 (43-61cm waist, 27-43cm legs/18-26kg) – 9520Y-6
Youth 8/10 (45-68cm waist, 30-45cm legs/26-33kg) – 9520Y-8
Youth 10/12 (50-73 cm waist, 33-48cm legs/34-40kg) – 9520Y-10
Youth 14/16 (53-81 cm waist, 35-50cm legs/40-53kg) – 9520Y-14
Youth 18/20 (55-86 cm waist, 38-55cm legs/53-63kg) – 9520Y-18
Adult XSmall (63-70cm waist, 35-45cm legs) – 9520AXS
Adult Small (66-91cm waist, 43-58cm legs) – 9520AS
Adult Medium (76-101cm waist, 48-63cm legs) – 9520AM
Adult Large (91-111cm waist, 53-68cm legs) – 9520AL
Adult XLarge (95- 120cm waist, 60 to 68cm legs) – 9520AXL