Caring for your Aquafit Float

The AQUAFIT range of therapy floats has been manufactured from fabric designed to withstand the rigorous demands of your warm water pool.

To ensure their longevity, Theraquatics makes the following recommendations:

AQUAFIT floats should not be left floating in the aquatic therapy pool after use, nor should they be left lying on rough pool surrounds. Instead, hang them up to dry and air between use. Be mindful not to place the floats on rusty shelves or hooks as this will leave unsightly marks.

AQUAFIT neck floats and pillows will often get a build up of facial make-up, oils and moisturisers. This may not be immediately apparent on casual inspection but will eventually become a source of unsightly mildew and fungal activity. If this occurs, it is suggested that the floats be brushed well with a solution of strong anti-bacterial solution e.g. Sard Oxyplus and detergent, rinsed thoroughly and allowed to dry in the sun. Regular cleaning of neck floats in particular, is an excellent preventative measure. Do not soak your floats in this solution for long periods of time as the polystyrene beads lose their buoyancy.

All new AQUAFIT designs have zips to allow for the addition of polystyrene balls which tend to compress over time. Most neck collars for example, require additional beads after 2 to 3 months of consistent use. To ensure your Aquafit float is doing the job, Theraquatics offers a service to refill your floats with fresh, plump, brand new polystyrene beads. We will also check over your floats to make sure your clips, velcro and zips are in tip top condition. All this for a one-off fee of $12.95 per float. Just post your floats, an order form, and payment to:

Po Box 656
Virginia Qld 4014

Zips on all AQUAFIT floats have been modified to become tamper proof. To fill your AQUAFIT floats, open the zips with a paperclip. Water in the hydrotherapy pool is harsh on zips. If the zips are not rinsed properly, the slides will corrode and become stuck. As a last resort, try cleaning the slider with an air compressor to remove corrosive residue, then apply a few drops of Parrafin Oil for lubrication.

Straps found on some AQUAFIT floats may be varied in length to accommodate different body shapes and methods of use. The straps need not be pulled tightly nor should the clips be forced open or closed. Rough handling, pulling and tugging will cause clips to break. As a consequence, it is an idea to keep a few clips in stock. Replacement black clips are available from Theraquatics for your convenience.

Lastly, Velcro has featured in some AQUAFIT designs. This deteriorates with constant use or if floats have not been properly rinsed after pool sessions. Velcro that has a bleached appearance and has lost its “stickability” needs to be replaced to ensure the floats are securely fastened on the body. Velcro is readily available and worn floats can therefore be easily repaired.

After use:
1. Rinse well
2. Warm machine wash using an anti-bacterial solution e.g. Sard Oxyplus or Napisan
3. Line dry