Eenees Undies – BLUE – GST FREE

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Super stretchy waterproof underwear for children through to adults. Looks and feels like normal underwear. The inner lining is waterproof but breathable (made from knitted nylon with polyurethane coating) and provides secure support and containment for disposable pads or reusable cloth nappies. This is not a swim pant. It can be worn before or after a swimming session.
Suitable for children for toilet training or bed wetting through to adults with light or mild incontinence. Available in colours: Navy or white

XXS [Waist 45 to Hip 50cm]
XS [Waist 50 to Hip 65cm]
S [Waist 65 to Hip 80cm]
M [Waist 80 to Hip 95cm]
L [Waist 95 to Hip 115cm]
XL [Waist 110 to Hip 130 cm]

Please note: Due to health reasons and the particular purpose of our swim pants, they are not able to be returned or exchanged unless found to be faulty or wrongly described. Please check our sizing charts carefully before making a purchase.