Theraquatics Hand Bar (sold individually)

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Heavy resistance closed cell foam aqua dumbbell with cushioned hand grip for easy grasping and extra comfort. Used on top of water for support and balance. e.g. gait training. Used underwater for resistance exercises e.g. strengthening and aerobic conditioning. Same quality with slightly more resistance than the aquatic Budget Barbell (SKU 6013).

TIP: Some customers may find a small amount of water in the handles of their aquatic barbells after exercising in the water. This is a design element to allow the dumbbell to drain and prevent water borne disease and mould from occurring inside the handle. Pull the foam cover back and a quick tilt of the handle to drain it, will stop the irritating puddle in the car on the way home.


Overall length: 310mm

Handle length: 110mm

Thickness of foam:100mm

Diameter of foam:140mm


Submerged force of about 4.1 kg. Latex Free. Sold individually.