Theraquatics Water Jogging Belt

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Soft, comfortable closed cell foam belt worn around waist. Designed with added back support to relieve stress on lower back. This Water Jogging Belt suspends body in upright position in water at shoulder level. Swimmer’s head remains above water. Intended for effective low impact workout. Adjustable waist with quick release buckle. Large size suitable for swimmers 65-110kg.

Swim belt will not chip, break or absorb water. Latex free. Often used with aquatic cuffs, aquatic dumbbells & hand buoys.

For the Swimmer with a Disability
Useful for swimmers with physical or neurological disabilities. Worn around waist. Has adjustable belt with quick release buckle. Suspends swimmer in upright or horizontal position in water. Does not impede arm or leg movements.

Small   69 x 22 x 4cm (size of foam) 130cm (maximum length of strap)
Large   75 x 24 x 4cm (size of foam) 130cm (maximum length of strap)

XL         85 x 30 x 4cm (size of foam) 170cm (maximum length of strap)