Ostomy Pod (Sizes XSmall-6XL)

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One piece stretch fabric wrap worn under swimwear. Features 2 pockets for ostomy pouches. Stabilises pouch and prevents it from moving, shifting or flapping while swimming.
Smooth, form fitting and avoids visual bulge. Washable and does not constrict stoma.
18cm wide.
Colour: Black

Swim Wrap (black): 18cms in width:
Item 9567XS X SMALL: Waist: 26-28 (66-71cm), Hip: 26-30 (66-76cm)
Item 9567S SMALL: Waist: 28-30 (71-76cm), Hip: 30-34 (76-86cm)
Item 9567M MED: Waist: 32-34 (81-86cm), Hip: 34-38 (86-96cm)
Item 9567L LARGE: Waist: 36-38 (91-96cm), Hip: 38-42 (96-106cm)
Item 9567XL XL: Waist: 40-42 (101-106), Hip: 42-46 (102-116)
Item 95672XL 2XL: Waist: 44-46 (111-116cm), Hip: 46-50 (116-127)
Item 95673XL 3XL: Waist: 48-50 (121-127cm), Hip: 50-54 (127-137cm)
Item 95674XL 4XL: Waist: 52-54 (132-137cm), Hip: 54-58 (137-147cm)
Item 95675XL 5XL: Waist: 56-58 (142-147cm), Hip: 58-62 (147-157cm)
Item 95676XL 6XL: Waist: 60-62 (152-157cm), Hip: 62-68 (157-172cm)

The larger sizes can accommodate bigger hip sizes, with an additional 2.5 – 5cm. The fabrics stretches more with the bigger sizes ie: 3XL and up.

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