Waterproof Ostomy Protector Cover

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The only ostomy protector with a watertight vacuum seal, this waterproof protector fits snug yet comfortable during a shower, a bath and even an active swim. Unlike garbage bag products, the patented vacuum sealed product cannot come off. Made of high quality surgical latex, it is both durable and re-usable and are guaranteed for a year. After having put on the ostomy protector, the pump sucks out the air so that the ostomy protector cannot come off and more importantly: the ostomy pouch stays completely dry and secure. GST free.

Please note that these protectors come in soft resealable bags for hangcell display (not clamshell packaging). If you are interested in ten or more of this item please contact us for a bulk discount.

Choosing sizes:

Measure around the circumference at the Stoma or around the waist area. Make sure it will fit snug and flush around the skin.

A word from the manufacturer rule of thumb: the best fit is within 5cm of the navel. The best fit needs to have as smooth a surface as possible, consequently scaring can be an issue.

1001XS Extra Small Waterproof Ostomy Protector- Circumference 60-71 cm
1001S Small Waterproof Ostomy Protector- Circumference 71-81 cm
1001M Medium Waterproof Ostomy Protector- Circumference 81-91 cm
1001L Large Waterproof Ostomy Protector- Circumference 91-101 cm
1001XL Extra Large Waterproof Ostomy Protector- Circumference 101-112 cm

We have a 3 month warranty on cast covers simply because most people are in a cast for that amount of time (or less).
Drypro Cast Covers, Ostomy, and Prosthetic Covers are made from natural rubber. Natural latex found in natural rubber, stiffens/hardens through everyday wear. Natural rubber also has poor resistance to both ozone and UV light, as well as to petroleum oils. Long term degradation and hardening of natural rubber in Drypro products, occurs as a result of being exposed to soaps, chlorine/salt pools, the ocean, UV rays, and whatever methods used to clean/sanitize them for the next usage. Conversely, the natural rubber in Drypro products may degrade if they have not been cleaned after usage. Extreme temperatures below -60°F (-51°C) or above 220°F (104°C) also cause degradation of the product. Basically, heat, light, oils, lotions, and cleaners are not kind to natural rubber.
Recommendation: Storing your Drypro in a ziplock bag with the air removed, can delay hardening and its oxidation. Storing in a cool, dry, dark place also extends its life.