Hipster Reusable Swim Pant – BLUE – GST FREE

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The Hipster Re-useable Swim Pant is perfect for swimmers who require protection when swimming. Designed to not absorb or contain liquids. Able to contain solids without adding weight. Great for those with bowel incontinence. Designed to not come apart in the water and clog filters. Can be worn discretely under bathing suits. Significantly helps reduce deadly bacteria contamination in and around swimming areas, helping public swimming facilities meet standards for healthy swimming. Material: Shell is 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex. Lined with 100% Polyester with Polyurethane Breathable Backing.

How to Care For Your Swim Pant
After use:
1. Rinse well
2. Warm machine wash, using only non-chlorine bleach
3. Line dry

Choose from the following sizes:
95683TB 3T Child 3-4 years (9-13kg)
95684TB 4T Child 4 years and Up (18kg)
9568C-6B, Youth 6-8yrs (50-61 cm waist, 34-40 cm legs/ 18-26 kgs)
9568C-8B, Youth 8-10yrs (50-68.5 cm waist, 30.5-45.5 cm legs/ 26.5-33.5 kgs)
9568C-10B, Youth 10-12yrs (55 -73.5 cm waist, 33-48 cm legs/ 34-40 kgs)
9568C-14B, Youth 14-16yrs (60-80 cm waist, 40-48 cm legs/ 40.5-53.5 kgs)
9568A-XSB, Adult Extra-Small (55.5-86 cm waist, 38-55.5 cm legs/ 54-64 kgs)
9568A-SB, Adult Small (73.5-91.5 cm waist, 48-58.5 cm legs)
9568A-MB, Adult Medium (81-101.5 cm waist, 50.5-63.5 cm legs)
9568A-LB, Adult Large (91.5-111.5 cm waist, 53-68.5 cm legs)

Please note: Due to health reasons and the particular purpose of our swim pants, they are not able to be returned or exchanged unless found to be faulty or wrongly described. Please check our sizing charts carefully before making a purchase.