Aquafit Float Velcro™ Replacement

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Velcro™ is an excellent fastening method for hydrotherapy equipment. Experience shows us that Velcro™ deteriorates faster (i.e. loses its grip) if not rinsed out properly with tap water at the completion of a hydrotherapy session. A bleached look on the Velcro™ is an indicator that your equipment needs to be rinsed out more carefully.

Equipment with poorly maintained Velcro™ has potential safety issues.

Theraquatics can replace worn Velcro™ patches on your floatation equipment.

We repair the velcro on the following floats for a flat fee of $13.50:

Aquafit Neck Float- Adult
Aquafit Neck Float- Child
Aquafit Neck Float- Infant
Aquafit Swim Ring- Large
Aquafit Swim Ring- Medium
Aquafit Swim Ring- Small
Aquafit Swim Ring- X Small
Aquafit Square Float
Aquafit Ankle Cuff (pair)