Aquafit Float Refills

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What makes the polystyrene bead a brilliant choice for our Theraquatics floats?
*negligible water absorption due to its cellular structure
*solvent resistance to chemicals found in swimming pool water
*retains its original shape and size when exposed to changes in environmental conditions like temperature and/or humidity
* great buoyancy
*excellent cushioning and mouldability qualities which snugly support heads, necks, hips and knees during aquatic therapy.
Theraquatics polystyrene beads have been designed to a particular density, thickness and shape to meet our exacting standards of excellence.

Over time the polystyrene beads in your Aquafit Float tend to compress with use. This reduces the buoyancy and effectiveness of your float.

To save the hassle of refilling your Aquafit floats, why not let us do it for you?

Just post your floats back to us and in next to no time you will once again be enjoying the benfits of fully functioning equipment.

We refill the following small to medium sized floats for a flat fee of $20:

• Aquafit Neck Float – all sizes
• Aquafit Gathered Posture Pillow
• Aquafit Sausage Float
• Aquafit Hip Float – all sizes
• Aquafit Posture Pillow – all sizes
• Aquafit Corner Pillow
• Aquafit Pelvic Float

We refill the following large to very large floats for a flat fee of $35:

• Aquafit Swim Ring – all sizes
• Aquafit Bolster
• Aquafit Square Float
• Aquafit Hi Support Floats
• Aquafit Upright Floats – all sizes
• Aquafit Square Floats with Saddle – all sizes
• Aquafit Hi Support Upright Float – all sizes
• Aquafit Hi-Support Upright Float with Seat – all sizes
• Aquafit Upright Toggle Float – all sizes
• Aquafit Aqua Duck Float