Aquafit Body Sling

The Body Sling has generous proportions and allows the swimmer to lay securely within it. This float offers great stability and lateral support in various positions in the water. Can be used while floating on the back, side or stomach.

The Body Sling can be used in combination with a Neck Float (item 9401) or Posture Pillow (item 9307) to ensure a horizontal position in the water. Alternatively, it can be used with an Upright Float (item 9501) – the latter providing more support above the water for the head, neck and shoulders. These combination of floats make it easy for an aquatic therapist to perform passive stretches and joint mobilisation exercises to increase muscle flexibility and hip mobility.

For Swimmers with a Disability: recommended for swimmers who have difficulty in maintaining a prone or supine swimming position.

During Learn to Swim classes, the Body Sling may offer excellent prone support for swimmers with good head and neck control, enabling them to perform reach and pull actions, develop swimming techniques and improve core strength.

Also a great float for prone positioning in order to practice breathing techniques and blowing bubbles under the water.

The Body Sling offers more support around the middle and lower back than the Aquafit Hip Float (item 9308).


Adult (length of sling section 42cm)

Child (length of sling section 30cm)

Infant (length of sling section 23cm)

Please note that this price is for the Body Sling only.