Aquafit Body Sling For Larger-Sized Adults

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The Body Sling for larger- sized adults has generous proportions. It is very stable, slightly longer than the standard adult sized Body Sling (9875A), has a wider sling and handles for greater manoeuvrability.

A great tool for aquatic therapists working with swimmers with a more severe disability. The swimmer lays supine within the body sling while the therapist carries out stretches and passive and active exercises on their lower limbs. Handles on the underside of the sling enable a support person to hold onto the sling under the swimmer’s shoulder blades, without getting hand or arm fatigue. The handles also allow the swimmer to be moved around the pool while inside the body sling.

Body Slings in an XL and Bariatric size have 2 sets of handles – one pair may be used by the support person and the other pair by the therapist to hold onto during passive and active exercises.

The Body Sling can be used in conjunction with an Aquafit Neck Float (Item 9401A)

Made from a polyester weave and polystyrene beads.

Three sizes:

SKU 9875HA has one pair of handles and sling width of 45cm

SKU 9875HAXL has two pair of handles and sling width of 55cm

SKU 9875HAB has two pair of handles and sling width of 65cm