Aquafit Foam Ring

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Excellent for vertical suspension in water or positioning during relaxation and exercise. An alternative to inflatable and fabric rings. Can be used in combination with neck floats during horizontal exercise.

The smaller foam ring can be used as a light resistive tool to strengthen the lower body and core as well as improving balance and functional strength eg: climbing stairs.

The smaller foam ring is also used in combination with the Square Float with Seat ( item 9396) for swimmers who have a tendency to lean forwards or backwards. The addition of this foam ring significantly reduces the body tilting or leaning by providing additional upper torso support.

The ring is not suitable for swimmers who require additional head and neck support.

Made from closed cell foam.

Two sizes:

Item 9191A – Adult, Internal Circumference 105cms (fits medium size adult)

Item 9191C – Child, Internal Circumference 74cms   (child size)