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    A fabulous 10 piece kit of whistles which has a respiratory demand of slight to medium.

    Pieces include:
    Set of 3 Helicopters- small whistles 8cms long. Blow into the mouth piece and watch the coptor blades spin. The harder and longer you blow the blades spin faster until they separate from the whistle. Blowing is important for people with speech difficulties as it trains for both breath and motor control.

    Set of 3 Lip Whistles- small lip shaped whistles in a bright red colour make a whirring sound when blown into. Great for blowing or sucking air through.

    Duck Whistle-cute little whistle 5 cms long which encourages lip seal and tongue retraction skills.

    Warble Whistle- 6 cm long whistle that makes little chirping sounds when filled with water and blown into. Encourages lip rounding and lip seal skills.

    Train Whistle-a fun whistle in the shape of a train with a thin pipe to enable lips to touch together. 12cms long.

    Bugle-only needs a slight breath to make a big sound. 12cms long.

    Eyepops NOT INCLUDED


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