Wetvest II – Child

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The WET VEST ll incorporates floatation panels sewn into a comfortable and snug fitting body vest. Like a wet suit, it provides a thermal layer that insulates the body in the water. Engineered to provide secure and balanced support, the WET VEST II [Child] fits much like a bathing suit, contouring to the body and allowing maximum freedom of movement. It features a newly updated design with secure buckle closure.

The WET VEST II has a special needs application for full body support in water, offering unrestricted movement and independence in the water for children with mild to moderate severity cerebral palsy.

The WET VEST II holds the trunk firmly and provides improved proprioceptive awareness just where it is needed. It is not a life jacket and supervision is still needed, but most children quickly learn to move independently in the water.
“Children with Hemiplegia have asymmetric movement in the water, as there is less movement in the affected side. In most children with mild to moderate severity cerebral palsy, the leg will spontaneously start to move reciprocally with the unaffected leg within a relatively short time. If they have trouble keeping the leg down, put an old running shoe on the affected leg. jogging in this manner, out of gravity, trains the child’s brain to produce a normal reciprocal movement.

It’s been observed that if an affected arm is not used, there is a tendency to jog around in circles. In the mildly affected child, they quickly learn how to start using their arm more effectively. Novel, challenging tasks stimulate brain neuroplasticity. If the arm does not start to move spontaneously in a reciprocal pattern, add a small size Float Bands [Item 9407] to the affected arm over the elbow”. Karen Pape MD

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