Weight Adjustable Aquatic Cuffs (2.4kg for pair)

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    One size fits all. Eight waterproof removable vinyl covered steel weights inserted in each neoprene cuff. Each individual weight is 132gm. These weights can be added or removed as required for progressive resistive exercise.
    Build up to maximum weight gradually. Permits a full range of movement when exercising. Great tool to develop strength, endurance and toning while exercising in water. Sold in pairs.

    Special features include:
    ⦿ Unique design keeps weights away from ankles, conforms to contour of ankles and therefore provides a smooth fit
    ⦿ Cushioned flaps protect the ankle and keeps weights secure
    ⦿ Neoprene for minimal water retention
    ⦿ Instep free of weight
    ⦿ Stress-free heel section offers Achilles tendon protection
    ⦿ Slip proof buckle and touch fastener closure
    ⦿ Instruction sheet included

    Caring for your Aquatic Cuffs
    Rinse well in fresh water after use.
    Never machine wash or dry.
    Hang in open air to dry.


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