Water Sneakers

Light weight waterproof shoes or socks are useful for patients, therapists and aqua aerobics exercisers should the pool bottom be rough or slippery to walk on. Aquatic footwear is also useful for the swimmer with sensory issues and swimmers who feel vulnerable to foot infections in public spaces.

Our durable water sneakers are black with a supple, hard- wearing, non-slip sole. They feature a soft, stretchy neoprene upper and a heel toggle for easy fitting. Perhaps the best feature is the incredibly durable non marking sole! We stock sizes from Youth/ Small all the way to Adult XL. Just measure the length of your foot and we will fit you with the right sneaker. Incredible value!

You can deck out the whole family or your entire aqua class.

Size J-5-6: Length of shoe 16cms
Size J-7-8: Length of shoe 17cms
Size J-9-11: Length of shoe 18cms
Size J-11-12: Length of shoe 20cms
Size J-13-2: Length of shoe 22cms
Size A-3-4: Length of shoe 23cms
Size A-5-6: Length of shoe 25cms
Size A-7-8: Length of shoe 26cms
Size A-9-10: Length of shoe 28cms
Size A-10-11: Length of shoe 29cms
Size A-12-13: Length of shoe 31cms