Theraquatics Buoyancy Cuffs with Buckle Closure (sold in pairs)

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Closed cell foam cuffs with an adjustable buckle closure. Moderate resistive device for ankles or wrists. Can be used to suspend ankles, legs, wrists and arms during aquatic rehabilitation. Latex free.

Tired of losing your straps in the pool? Try a pair of our webbing stays which slip onto the Buoyancy Cuffs to secure their straps (SKU 6016BS).

To add extra value to the stays, Theraquatics has sewn a D ring onto them-we call them Resista stays – which allows the Buoyancy Cuffs (SKU 6016BR) to be used  for light resistance work with a stretch cord when attached to a stationery object inside the pool.

For the Swimmer with a Disability:
Recommended for swimmers who tend to sink in water. Swimmers with cerebral palsy, a stroke or tumours may fall into this category. Buoyancy Cuffs help position their body in water and thereby assist with the control of their balance and movement.

Buoyancy Cuffs are also useful for swimmers whose legs tend to scissor. The soft closed cell foam gently separates ankles while floating in water.

Sold in pairs.
Size: 11 x 4 x 17cm diameter.

Choose from options

6016B: Foam cuff with Buckle closure.

6016BS Foam cuff with Buckle closure plus stays.

6016BR Foam cuff with Buckle Closure plus Resista Stays.