Theraquatics Adjustable Foam Discs (sold in pairs)

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Excellent learn to swim arm bands that offer 3 levels of floatation/buoyancy. Made from three connectable foam discs, where each disc is 2.5cm thick.

Learn to swim instructors begin by using 3 of the foam discs for maximum buoyancy while developing core strength, kicking technique and the reach and pull stroke. Learning and mastering the reach and pull action is an important prerequisite for learning the freestyle swimming stroke.

As a swimmer progresses and develops their swimming skills, muscle endurance and core strength, one foam disc can be removed at a time.

These colourful, high-quality Foam Discs are light weight, portable and easy to slide on and take off.

For swimmers who tend to chew or bite, the Foam Discs are a better alternative to inflatable arm bands which are at risk of puncture and leaking.

Weight capacity up to 25kg. Fits swimmers with an upper arm circumference of less than 22cm