Swim Pool Mirror

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A fantastic tool for Learn to Swim lessons- especially for visual learners. Swimmers can watch and learn together through the mirror and improve their body awareness and  swimming  technique.

Used to manage anxiety levels in young swimmers and allow them to adapt to the water. Nervous swimmers can practice blowing bubbles out of their nose in the shallow end of the pool, by having the mirror placed on the top steps underwater. As confidence improves and anxiety lowers, the mirror can slowly be placed onto the next step lower down. Beginners quickly adapt to the water  through slowly increasing the depth of the pool mirror. Wearing goggles helps to see clearly underwater and protects the eyes.

An important teaching aid used by swim schools throughout Australia.

The pool mirror is also great to correct for body position  and posture.

Easy to handle in the water. Will not corrode and is suitable for chlorinated, fresh and salt water environments.

Made from mirror grade stainless steel with a composite backing  and smooth vinyl surround.

Cleaning Instructions:

Rinse the Swim Pool Mirror in fresh water after use in chlorine treated  or salt water swimming pools.

Using a dry cloth, rub plain white flour on the dry stainless steel mirror face and this will polish the mirror to its original brilliance.

To lengthen the life of the mirror keep it out of sunlight after having been used.

Size: approx. 400mm diam.



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