Single Use Waterproof Arm Glove

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Shower and Bath protection from unwanted exposure to water.

ArmRx’s exclusive double band seal point application provides the ultimate backup security for maximum water tight protection in any environment.

Replaces cumbersome, makeshift covers such as garbage bags, plastic wrap and tape. Suitable for use with Casts, Bandages, Prosthesis, Lacerations, and Skin Conditions

Fits either hand.

Each single pack of ArmRx® Arm Gloves consist of a single arm sleeve with 2 “hook and loop” straps that adjust the glove to the required size and fasten it securely on the limb, forming a watertight pocket that helps keep the user’s arm completely dry even during total submersion in water.

ArmRx® Arm Gloves are made from environmentally friendly recyclable polyethylene. They are easy to store and do not require special disposal. They are light, neatly packaged and convenient for use any time and anywhere – in the hospital, at home or during travel.