Silicone Force Gloves – Firm Fit

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Silicone Force Gloves have durable all-silicone construction. Creates webbed hand for exercise and swimming. Increases hand resistance by 50%.

Soft, Comfortable Feel. 100% Silicone is non -allergenic Silicone provides extended life.

☉ GREAT FOR WORKOUTS – These aquatic fitness gloves are great for toning and strength training. They are designed to increase hand resistance by 50%.
☉ COMPATIBLE – Our swimmers gloves are great to pair with our swimming gear. Use these webbed gloves with our water dumbbells for the ultimate workout.
☉ DESIGNED WITH ENHANCED GRIP – Water Gear diving gloves are designed with a soft padded grip allowing for a great feel, effort-less touch and awesome grip.
☉ RESISTANT TO CHEMICALS – Our water fitness gloves are waterproof and built to not absorb harsh chemicals used in pools.
☉ DURABLE – Our silicone swimming pool gloves is designed with immense physical toughness. There are no reason these gloves won’t last years!

Wet both gloves and hands before putting them on.

Care Instructions:
Avoid contact with sharp objects (such as rings) and other rubber materials.

Sizes: Medium gloves (Blue) and Large gloves (Black)