Rolo Bands (Sold in Pairs)

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    Durable, low phthalate PVC water wings which provide buoyancy to help keep head above water and also helps foster a sense of security that is important when learning how to swim. The multiple air chambers and safety valves make Rolo Bands easy to roll on and off.

    The Rolos are sturdy enough for kids that are rough housing but also come in handy while simply lounging in the water.

    By decreasing or increasing the amount of air in the Rolo Bands you can slowly wean your child off the swim aid. The bands fun design and bright yellow and blue colour will keep your child in style while keeping them visible in the water.
    Perfect to take along on trips to the beach or pool. Once deflated they take up no room.

    Suitable for 2-12 years and up, or 15-50kgs.


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