Putty Buddies Ear Plugs (sold in pairs)

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Putty Buddies® are soft, comfortable silicone ear plugs in bright colours. Extra soft silicone means more comfort and better fit, and Putty Buddies® extra tacky texture keeps ear plugs in position better for maximum effectiveness. Each pair lasts up to 2 weeks or more with every day use. Putty Buddies® come in their own plastic carrying case that features an animal character sticker.

Why choose a Putty Buddy ear plug?
They last longer than most other reusable kids earplugs. Super soft silicone makes them comfortable to wear. Fun colours make them easy to find in the pool or the bath. Rated at NR21, these ear plugs reduce loud noises but you can still hear someone talking to you.


Choose from the following colours:

Item 9852SP  Splash Puppy (Blue)

Item 9852CC  Cool Croc (Red)

Item 9852TD    Tube Dawg,( Green)

Item 9852WW  Wipeout Wally (Teal)

Item 9852 SS     Surfun’ Sammy (Pink)


1) Only handle the silicone with clean dry hands. Avoid touching the silicone with oily/dirty hands or bringing them into contact with lotions, oils, hair and other oil-based substances.

2) Make sure the user’s ear is clean, dry and free from wax/oils prior to placing the ear plugs over the ear canal.

3) Make sure the plug does not have any cracks or folds prior to placement over the ear canal. If it does, discard and use a new pair.

4) Flatten the plug into a disk, place over the ear canal and pressed gently on the plug in a direction outward from the ear canal to “lock” the silicone into the outer cartilage of the ear.

5) To remove the ear plug, grab the ear lobe with thumb on the back of the earlobe and fingers on the front of the ear lobe. Push/pull up and down several times. This should ensure that the silicone dislodges easily in one uniform piece from the ear without leaving residue behind. Parents should inspect their child’s ear after each use to make sure that no silicone material remains around the ear canal.

6) Once removed, store the ear plugs in the plastic container (covered)until further use.