Medical Alert Wristbands

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Bright, colourful and designed to be noticed. Three adjustable, nickle-free snaps should fit most kids from the age of 2 and up to adults. Latex-free and waterproof.

Selection includes:
Item 7112A Autism
Item 7112B Asthma
Item 7112D Dairy
Item 7112E Epilepsy
Item 7112F Diabetes
Item 7112H Egg
Item 7112G Gluten Free
Item 7112K Insect Sting
Item 7112L Latex
Item 7112P Peanut
Item 7112Q Penicillin
Item 7112S Sesame
Item 7112R Shellfish
Item 7112T Tree Nut
Item 7112MCK Multi Charm Bracelet Kit