Mack’s Blackout Earplugs for Musicians

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These new super comfortable black soft foam ear plugs offer excellent 32 dB hearing protection.

Marketed for the music industry, and joining Mack’s® Acoustic Foam and Hear Plugs® High Fidelity ear plugs, BLACKOUT™ soft foam earplugs are hip and fashionable in discreet black. They are great for concerts, nightclubs and jam sessions. BLACKOUT™ is available in 3 pair package.

*Safe, comfortable hearing protection
*Fashionable, discreet color
*Molded with state-of-the-art, super low-pressure foam
*Fully skinned and tapered, providing unmatched user comfort and hygiene
*Great for concerts, jam sessions, nightclubs, etc.
*Noise reduction rating – 32 dB

McKeon Products, Inc. President Dan Asma notes, “During the last few years, we have been asked by musicians for quality hearing protection products that are less noticeable and just jibe better with their normal garb during gigs. The new BLACKOUT™ products meet this request – providing fashion, performance and value.”