Long Blade Fins

Moulded ultra-comfort natural rubber long fins. Designed for optimum propulsion, performance and comfort. Ideal for all levels of swimmers. Made of Natural Rubber.

Zoggs: Comes with a mesh carry bag. Colour coded combo for each size.

Eyeline: Full foot rubber floating style. Comes in coloured polybag with handle hanger. Made from 100% rubber, this swim fin floats in water and has a flexible foot pocket for easy putting on and taking off. As a general rule the sizes are based on Mens Shoe sizing, Womens Sizing Select 1 Size Down. Having said this, we recommend using the lengths and widths provided to ensure a proper fit.

Size and Colour Guide
US Size Jnr 10-12 Foot Pocket Length 18cm – Zoggs Orange
US Size Jnr 12-2 Foot Pocket Length 19cm – Zoggs Purple
US Size 2-3 Foot Pocket Length 20.5cm – Zoggs Red
US Size 3-4 Foot Pocket Length 21.5cm – Zoggs Light Blue
US Size 5-6 Foot Pocket Length 23cm – Zoggs Yellow
US Size 7-8 Foot Pocket Length 24cm – Zoggs Green
US Size 8-9 Foot Pocket Length 25.5cm – Zoggs Dark Blue
US Size 10-11 Foot Pocket Length 26.5cm – Zoggs Black
US Size 12-13 Foot Pocket Length 27cm – Zoggs Aqua
Size 13-15 – Foot Pocket Length 29cm/Width of foot pocket at widest 11cm – Orange/Blue
Size 15-17 – Foot Pocket Length 30cm/Width of foot pocket at widest 11cm – Orange/Blue
Size 17-19 – Foot Pocket Length 31.5cm/Width of foot pocket at widest 11.7cm – Orange/Blue

Swim Fin Tip:
Although the fins will be easier to place on your feet due to softer foot pockets and easy grab heel tab it is suggested you wet both the inside of the foot pockets and your own feet before attempting to place fins on.