Inflatable Kickboard

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    High strength laminated PVC. Multiple air chambers and hand grips. Double safety valves.

    Size: 44cmL x 30cmW

    Did you know?

    Theraquatics is a sponsor of the Ballina Byron Turtle Hospital which rehabilitates sick and injured sea turtles from the NSW coastline. Medical and surgical care of the turtles require them to be “dry docked.” Theraquatics recently donated 8 x Eyeline Inflatable Kickboards to enable the turtles to remain dry during their recovery, while they rested inside their shallow clam shells. The kickboards were inflated and covered with a towel. The vinyl is easy to sterilise, the turtles appear comfortable and according to good advice, have no intention of crawling off their new found inflatable kickboards.

    “Who would of thought something designed for swimming could have such a spin off benefit”, said a very pleased Anna Dicker, (President of Australian Seabird Rescue Inc)


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