Inflatable Crescent Shaped Shampoo Basin

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At shampoo time, the pillow is removed and replaced with the shampoo basin. No re-positioning of the person being shampooed is necessary. The basin is inflated by mouth to form a semi-circular ring with a flat side for neck support. A large drain tube is located at the side for easy drainage into a pail. Folds when not in use. Made of white heat-sealed plastic.

⦿ Sized and shaped like a pillow
⦿ Makes hair care available to a person in bed
⦿ Shampooing hair has never been easier
⦿ Comfort like a pillow
⦿ Simplifies shampooing a person while in bed
⦿ Sized and shaped like a standard pillow
⦿ Eliminates the ned
⦿ Includes neck support for comfort
⦿ Inflates and deflates quickly