Extra Heavy Dumbbell (Sold individually)

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These Extra Heavy Dumbbells work wonders in the water for the experienced aquatic aerobics exerciser as well as with athletes wanting a more physical alternate workout. Made from medium resistance closed cell foam with a cushioned handle to prevent over-gripping. These aquatic barbells will not chip, crack or absorb water.

TIP: Some customers may find a small amount of water in the handles of their aquatic barbells after exercising in the water. This is a design element to allow the dumbbell to drain and prevent water borne disease and mould from occurring inside the handle. Pull the foam cover back and a quick tilt of the handle to drain it, will stop the irritating puddle in the car on the way home.


Overall length: 385mm

Handle length: 135mm

Thickness of foam:125mm

Diameter of foam:140mm

The largest of all our foam aquatic dumbbells. Latex free. Sold individually.