Aqualogix Resistance Blades

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These Resistance Blades can be worn by swimmers of all ages and levels. They fit securely on ankles, both large and small and are designed to instantly increase resistance during training to improve overall kicking strength.  The designers of these blades promise an increase in power and kick speed after removing the Resistance Blades, where you will kick your way to a new personal best!

The omni-directional design  of these Resistance Blades lets you feel resistance no matter how you move your body.

Lightweight and easy to put on – you can train with them in virtually any body of water. There are 3 resistance levels, where each level has a direct impact on your kick tempo and ability to maintain that tempo throughout an exercise movement.

Choose from:
9002L – Slow Training Tempo – 7.5cm GREEN blade

9002M – Medium Training Tempo – 10cm SMOKE blade
9002H – High Training Tempo – 12.5cm BLUE blade