Aquafit Water Gaitors with Buckle Closure (sold in pairs)

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Adds resistance to exercise in the water while allowing for a near normal gait pattern. No large surfaces or bouyancy to effect your stride. Being neither floats nor weights- they are water absorbant cuffs. Aquafit Water Gaitors increase effective turbulance as you move through the water. Increase your speed and you multiply your work load. Suitable for the not so young- walking with Aquafit Water Gaitors is an enjoyable way to exercise. Ideal for the athlete who needs a strong workout- add resistance to striding, running, swimming and all deep water exercise. Walking and striding with Aquafit Water Gaitors is particularly useful in back conditioning programs. Used with a buoyancy belt, deep water exercise with Aquafit Water Gaitors is an excellent non weight bearing option and can be as vigorous or as gentle as required. Buckle closure preferred by swimmers who like a firm fit around the ankle. Sold in pairs.

One size only.