Aquafit Upright Toggle Float

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The Upright Toggle Float (SKU 9501T) is similar to the Upright Float (SKU 9501) except for its toggle which allows the inner ring to be gathered and therefore made smaller for a more customised fit.

Excellent float for swimmers who wish to swim independently without their carer having to constantly support them in the water.

Great for prone floating. Suitable for individuals who are NIL by MOUTH.


Item 9501TS Inside circumference  54-72cm.   Suitable for child 5-10years.

Item 9501TM Inside circumference  68-89 cm.  Suitable for adolescent to medium size adult.

Item 9501TL Inside Circumference  74-102cm. Suitable for larger adult up to 100kg.

The Upright Toggle Float is a popular supplementary float  for swimmers with poor head and neck control and strong hypertension. The toggle secures the float snuggly around the chest while the pillow places the swimmer in an upright position to enable a good view around the pool.