Aquafit Upright Toggle Float

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Same as Upright Float (9501) but toggle allows inner ring to be gathered and therefore made smaller for a more customised fit.

Drawstring reduces inner circumference of Small Upright Toggle Float by 18cms
Drawstring reduces inner circumference of Medium Upright Toggle Float by 21cms
Drawstring reduces inner circumference of Large Upright Toggle Float by 28cms

Excellent float for swimmers to move independently without their carer having to hold and constantly support them in the water.

Great for prone floating. Suitable for individuals who are NIL by MOUTH.

Sizes of Upright Toggle Floats: Large (Item 9501TL), Medium (Item 9501TM), Small (Item 9501TS)

Comparison between Upright Float (Item 9501) and Upright Toggle Float (Item 9501T)
Upright Float
Small (Item 9501S): 72cm inside hole/ suitable child 5-10 years
Medium (Item 9501M): 89cm inside hole/suitable for adolescent to medium size adult
Large (Item 9501L): 102cm inside hole/suitable for larger adult around 100kg

Upright Toggle Float
Small (Item 9501TS): 54-72cm inside hole
Medium (Item 9501TM): 68-89 cm inside hole
Large (Item 9501TL): 74-102cm inside hole

Popular combination of floats includes Item 9501TM (top float) and Item 9504M (bottom float). Hi Support Upright Float (Item 9504) has large pillows on the front and back of the float and a saddle that secures the swimmer inside the float. Upright Toggle Float (Item 9501TM) provides further support for an upright position and the use of the toggle secures the ring more firmly around swimmer’s chest.

Great supplementary float for swimmers with poor head and neck control and strong hyper extension. Both Terrell and Marc are floating inside a two-float combination. Terrell (photo above) is floating in the Aquafit Hi-Support Upright Float with Saddle (item 9504S) which is the base float and the Upright Toggle Float (Item 9501TS) rests on top. Marc (photo below) is floating in the Aquafit Square Float with Saddle (item 9396S) which is the base float and the Upright Float (Item 9501TS) rests on top. For both swimmers, the Upright Toggle Float fits snuggly around their chests and places them in an upright position so they can see around the pool.