Aquafit Swim Ring

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Generously proportioned fabric ring filled with polystyrene beads. The shape of the ring can be plumped around the swimmer to accommodate buoyancy and comfort issues.

Can be worn by the swimmer who seeks a bit more confidence while in the water.

Inside circumference sizes:

Large, 9397L – 130cm
Medium, 9397M – 95cm

Small, 9397S – 70cm
XSmall, 9397XS – 60cm

For the aquatic professional:

The Aquafit Swim Ring is the best alternative when inflatable rings are either too small or aggravate the patient’s shoulders, cervical or thoracic spine. The Aquafit Swim Ring, with its velcro opening, provides comfort and security for pain management techniques in vertical suspension as well as enabling water safety and neurological techniques to occur with the largest of body type.

The Aquafit range of floats have been specifically designed for aquatic therapy and exercise. These floats are to be used under the supervision of a qualified professional. Aquafit floats are not to be regarded as a life preserver.

For the Swimmer with a Disability

The Aquafit Swim Ring offers substantial underarm support for the more disabled swimmer who wishes to engage in deep water running exercises.

Also offers significant support for swimmers taking part in aquatic stroke rehabilitation programs. The ring provides all round support under the arms during hip strengthening exercises which stimulate muscle tone, coordination and pelvic stability.
This swim ring can be used in combination with the square float with saddle (Item 9396) to assist in maintaining an upright position.