Aquafit Square Float with Seat

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A generously proportioned, supportive floatation device for swimmers with poor arm and leg control and who need extra support around the trunk. Secure, stable and adjustable seat attaches to float. Sling allows for vertical and forward positioning in the float. The float also allows for the swimmer to rest back into it, to kick and splash freely while supported in comfort.
For swimmers who have poor head and neck control, it may be necessary to provide additional support with neck floats and swim rings.

Item 9396XS Inside dimension 16L x 16Wcm
Item 9396S Inside dimension 21L x 21Wcm
Item 9396M Inside dimension 27L x 27Wcm
Item 9396L Inside dimension 33L x 40Wcm
Item 9396XL Inside dimension 40L x 40Wcm

In our video below, Terrell has big head movements where his body frequently moves from arching backwards to curling forward. We found that a combination of the Square Float with Saddle (item 9397S) and Inflatable Swim Ring (item 7187) provided additional all-round support, and when a pair of wrist weights were added to his ankles, Terrell was able to maintain an upright body position.

Chrysoula, our swimmer in pink (photo below) has a tracheotomy. Her aquatic therapist says that the square float with saddle is the best float available in the market, to protect her tracheotomy.

Henry’s mum telling TQ about Henry using the Square Float with Saddle (Item 9396XS) for the first time: He had an absolute ball and did not want to get out. He was such a water boy before he ended up like this so it gives us great joy to see him enjoying the water again. His little legs didn't stop kicking. Thank you so much it is truly wonderful for him.
(Henry is a ventilated quadriplegic).