AquaFit Rolla Cuff (sold in pairs)

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Simple foam cuffs that can be wound around an arm, wrist or ankle to provide light support or resistance in water. Secured with a Velcro strap and easy to put on and take off. Made from EVA foam and sized for adults (SKU 9276A) and children (SKU 9276C).

When used as arm floats, the Rolla Cuffs can be used for light resistance exercises – strengthening and mobilising the lower body in a standing body position. When  Rolla Cuffs are worn around the ankles, they provide additional resistance for the legs  which enhances muscle strength, tone and coordination.

A variation of the Rolla Cuff (SKU 9276S) serves as an arm rest and provides extra stability for swimmers who lean heavily to one side or the other while floating in their Hi-Support Upright Float with Saddle (SKU 9504). Made from 20mm thick foam.

Sold in pairs.