Aquafit Buoyancy Collar

Inflatable clear plastic neck collar with chin support . Provides good stability and support for necks requiring limited movement. The clear plastic neck collar is favoured by swimmers who prefer a connectedness with the water.

Size: Child Only, Inside Circumference 30cm


Our inflatables are pre-tested at point of manufacture to confirm there is no leakage of air. They are again inflated for 24 hours before being shipped to our customers.

Our inflatables are made from a higher grade PVC than generally used for swim floats. The welds are also tougher. However, it is not recommended to inflate our buoyancy collar with an electric air pump as the intensity of air flow is too harsh and risks tearing the welds. Hand pumps are not ideal either, if the collar is over-inflated and becomes turgid. We therefore recommend that our buoyancy collars be blown up by mouth.

All our Theraquatics inflatables are labelled with this instruction to ensure you get the best value from your investment.