How to Use Your Aquafit Float

The Aquafit range of floats has been specifically designed for aquatic therapy and exercise. These floats are to be used under the supervision of a qualified professional. Aquafit floats are not to be regarded as a life preserver.


The Aquafit Posture Pillow has been designed to provide comfort and support during most aquatic therapy techniques. It should be held behind the patient’s head with its straps crossing over in front of the patient’s sternum; the strap containing more filling wrapping over the strap with less filling. Both straps are then passed around under the axilla/lateral costal area to be clipped behind the back.

When lying supine with other postural support at the hips and knees, the patient’s neck should be in a small amount of flexion. Minor alterations to the shape of the Aquafit Posture Pillow can be achieved by squeezing it to rearrange the filling, or alternatively, through securing or releasing the press stud (marked A in diagram). If the head is in too much extension or flexion, the float may be too tight, too loose or may just require the addition of more polystyrene beads. The Aquafit Posture Pillow allows access to the thoracic and lumbar spine and to the glenohumeral joint for most mobilization techniques.

To access the cervical spine for mobilization techniques, loosen the straps a little, stand behind the patient lying supine and pull gently at point A, (pulling away from the patient). This should move the support to just above the occiput allowing most aquatic therapy mobilization techniques to be applied.

After mobilization the straps should be secured and support moved back to its original position to ensure good posture. The Aquafit Posture Pillow is also useful in some side lying and prone activities. Lastly, it can be used as a pillow – collar for supine corner exercises


The Aquafit Hip Float is mainly used during supine float activities which include mobilization and side lying techniques as well as corner exercises. It may also be used in prone position eg. under the axillas as support in a prone swim. For dense people two or more Aquafit Hip Floats are suggested to allow for better posture and stability during mobilization techniques. This float can be sat on for balance and stability activities and leg exercises. During most static exercises it is not necessary to do up the clip – in fact the patient will be more stable with the clip undone.


The Aquafit Sausage Float is a very versatile float. In supine float it can be placed under knees or ankles to maintain good posture or used as a thoracic support for very dense patients to also encourage appropriate posture and increase stability. It can be positioned under the axillas in prone swimming when some assistance is required eg. patients with shoulder problems. The Aquafit Sausage Float may serve as an extra head support in supine float either by itself or in conjunction with another style collar or pillow, or just be used under the arms for vertical suspension activities.

Further uses include having the Aquafit Sausage Float under the knees and clipped to tether the supine patient to the rail for arm exercises or for manual traction.

Finally, our Aquafit Sausage Float can be tethered to other sausage floats to create a stable mobile rail for pools with no rails, or to promote social interaction in group activities.


The Aquafit Bolster is intended as a support for patients seeking comfortable positions for pain relief and massage. It can be used in the corner of a pool or on a hydrotherapy plinth to avoid neck discomfort. Its benefits also extend to becoming a safety device when doing sitting, balancing and other activities on a hydrotherapy plinth. The float is excellent for activities in prone support and has application in the neurological treatment of children as a balance bolster.

Straps allow the Aquafit Bolster to be attached to the pool corner, rail, plinth or other Aquafit equipment.


This pillow may be used in the corner of a pool to prevent discomfort and injury while doing corner activities. Its suitability also includes being used as a pillow while in vertical suspension in a ring, as well as providing comfort and injury prevention on the hydrotherapy plinth.

Straps allow the pillow to be attached to the pool corner, rail, plinth or other Aquafit equipment.


The Aquafit Swim Ring is the best alternative when inflatable rings are either too small or aggravate the patient’s shoulders, cervical or thoracic spine. The Aquafit Swim Ring, with its velcro opening, provides comfort and security for pain management techniques in vertical suspension as well as enabling water safety and neurological techniques to occur with the largest of body types.

Available in sizes: large, medium, small, and extra small


The severely disabled require individual attention and specific handling skill when in the aquatic therapy pool. The Aquafit Square Float allows for maximum support and decreases the need for maximum hold when doing many neurological and therapeutic exercises in the water. The Aquafit Square Float is particularly suited to heavily disabled patients with ataxic and athetoid movement as it provides greater support and in some situations increased independence (under supervision). Spinal mobilizations for the wheelchair bound patient are also possible in the Aquafit Square Float as it allows for all body shapes to be supported.

The Aquafit Neck Collar combined with the Aquafit Square Float, Aquafit Pelvic Float (with ties) and Aquafit Sausage Float can be worked to any combination depending on body shape and muscle tone of the patient. Floats may be removed (eg. hip and sausage) to allow for the stretching and ranging of lower limbs or alternatively, may be added (eg. extra hip floats) to cater for very dense or brittle bone patients.

In summary the Aquafit Square Float is excellent for increasing stability for certain physiotherapy techniques and allows for a wide variety of positions and body types.


The Aquafit Pelvic Float is exactly the same as the Aquafit Hip Float except that it has straps with buckles which enables it to easily and securely extend the function of the Aquafit Square Float (see Aquafit Square Float).


The Aquafit Neck Collar is most useful for those who do not have pain of spinal origin and in particular those who need a collar for independent exercise. It may be used as a collar in supine float, prone or corner activities – also having application in some Bad Ragaz Techniques. Alternatively, it can be used in resistance exercises instead of rings.

The Aquafit Neck Collar may be combined with the Aquafit Posture Pillow to ensure ears remain dry for those patients who are fearful. This collar is quickly and easily applied though care should be taken with the velcro to ensure it is fastened evenly.

Available in sizes: adult, child and infant.

Incon Swim Pant (Item 9521)

The Incon Swim Pant offers protection from both urinary and faecal incontinence while in the water.

These re-uasable pants are light weight and water proof, with the outer layer made from 100% polyester fabric manufactured with a polyurethane finish. The inner lining feels comfortable and is stain resistant.

The Incon Swim Pant can be worn alone or underneath swimwear. The elasticised legs and waist must fit securely on the body for the pants to work effectively. Should there be a small gap, an extra seam can be sewn into the pant with a domestic sewing machine.

The elasticised legs and waist together with the lining secure all waste and so allow the wearer to swim confidently and freely while in the pool.