Underwater Plinth

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    The Underwater Plinth consists of a stainless steel frame on which water-proof bearer fabric is laced. The plinth allows for positioning of the patient during specific hydrotherapy exercises. It also provides a platform for sitting and balancing exercises.

    For those patients who find the pressure of water on their chest wall uncomfortable, exercises can be carried out while lying on the plinth, with part of the chest outside of the water.

    Movements of the trunk may be carried out in various positions while lying on the plinth. When leg movements are incorporated into water exercise on the plinth, they prove helpful in mobilizing the trunk and hips.

    The Underwater Plinth is designed to be suspended off a standard 38mm diameter hand rail inside the pool.

    Underwater Plinths can also be manufactured to suit a 50mm diameter hand rail.

    PLEASE NOTE: To make sure you are measuring the hand rail correctly, run a tape measure around the rail to get the circumference [should be 11.9cm] or alternatively, measure the width of the hand rail to get the diameter [should be 38mm].

    Water quality parameters in preventing the discolouration of the stainless steel frame when immersed in a chlorinated pool.

    Levels of chlorine: 1.5 parts per million

    Levels of free chlorine: 1 to 1.5 parts per million

    PH of pool: around 7.2 to 7.5

    Total alkalinity: around 100. Total alkalinity buffers the PH variation of the pool. (If total alkalinity is not maintained, then the PH levels change)

    Calcium Hardness: no effect

    Optimal number of pool checks per day:3-5 times

    NB: Rail of the pool need to be earthed as water conducts electricity and impacts on corrosion between metals.

    Your Warranty
    Corrosion of stainless steel equipment due to improper pool chemical treatment, neglect in cleaning or the failure to fit a suitable sacrificial anode in conjunction with your salt water chlorinator will void your warranty.

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