Tuffy the Tug Boat

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Tuffy is all about the business of being a tug boat. Tuffy the Tugboat saves the day! Pools become playgrounds with the durable plastic boats. This floating toy fits in perfectly for swimming classes or during free swims. Two boat styles are available to small adventure-seeking swimmers.

☉ Easy to Grip
☉ Perfect for tipping, floating and tug racing
☉ No nooks and crannies for fingers to get caught
☉ Easy to clean
☉ Rounded edges for easy gripping
☉ Sturdy and durable
☉ Suitable Age: 6+ months old
☉ Stackable
☉ Tugboat only, or Tugboat Set

Tugboat Set includes: Shovel 16cm long, Spade 18.5cm long, Rake 15cm long, Fork 17cm long, Watering can 11cm high, Crab sand mold 18cm wide, Frog sand mold 12cm long, Tug Boat 30x19x16cm, Accessory colours may vary)