Theraquatics Swim Bar

Made from closed cell foam with a cushioned hand grip for easy grasping and extra comfort.

The swim bar is an essential tool for the novice swimmer. It may be used as an alternative to a kickboard if the kickboard is too difficult to control. The swim bar can also assist a swimmer to isolate their kicking action while floating on their front or back. Furthermore, it helps a swimmer concentrate on combining the twin activities of breathing and kicking by eliminating arm movement.

Easily grasped by both adults and children.

For the swimmer with a disability:

An excellent all round piece of floatation equipment.

Used on top of the water for support and balance e.g. gait training for stroke victims.

While floating on their stomach and holding onto a swim bar, swimmers have an opportunity to strengthen muscles in their neck, back, shoulders and hips. They can also rest with their arms over the bar providing  extra support under their shoulders and make their position in the water easier to tolerate.

The swim bar also assists floaters to maintain a stable position in water.

Being pulled or gliding through the water while hanging onto a swim bar provides vestibular stimulation to visually impaired children.

The swim bar is also an effective tool for blind swimmers who need a buffer whilst exercising in water.

More traditionally, the swim bar can be used under the water for strength and conditioning exercises. For more advanced exercises, swimmers can sit on the bar for balance, co-ordination and pelvic stabilisation exercises.


Overall length: 730mm

Handle length: 350mm

Thickness of foam:185 mm

Diameter of foam:140mm