Stretch 8

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The Stretch 8 allows for a variety of long and short pulling exercises with improved hold during the exercise.
Like our resistacisers [Item 6030], the Stretch 8 provides a great, low-impact workout.
The bow-tie like resistance device is simply doubled over in a figure-8 pattern to give added resistance, as well as enabling you to take up less room during your workout. Examples of exercises that suit the Stretch 8 include crunches, lunges/pulls, bicep curls, rows, presses and tricep pulls-all of which manage to work nearly every muscle group in your body.
Individually packed and sealed. Portable and therefore easy to maintain your exercise regime

Colour coded for resistance. Four resistance levels from XLight to Heavy.

Item 9549XL Stretch 8/XLight/Yellow
Item 9549L Stretch 8/Light/Green
Item 9549M Stretch 8/Med/Red
Item 9549H Stretch 8/Heavy/Blue