Scented Theraputty

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Non sticky, non oily scented putty will not stick to clothing, carpet, hair or the floor. Easy to mould and stretch. Provides additional sensory stimulation. Stretch it, pull it, poke it and hide objects in it to promote pincer grasp. Great for people who like to fidget with hands. Scented Theraputty exercise putty is the standard in resistive hand exercise material. Scented Theraputty makes hand therapy more pleasant for youngsters. Using scented putty is a fun way for children to develop grip strength and stay attentive and participate in physical therapy.

Tan (vanilla) is xx-light, yellow (banana) is x-light, red (cherry) is light, green (apple) is medium.

Scented putty smells good, but it not edible. Each colour-coded scented putty has a different consistency ranging from xx-soft for strengthening the weakest grasp to extra-firm for developing a stronger grip. Available in convenient easy-open plastic containers (2 ounce) for individual patients to use at home.