Rapper Snapper – Sold in Pairs

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Maintaining a safe level of breath control is important for the special needs swimmer.

For some individuals who are unable to close their mouth and lips, the physio or speech therapist may need to gently hold the swimmer’s lips shut as their jaw is submerged into the water. This gives an idea of what needs to be done.

For swimmers who do not get the concept of how to blow, getting them to make a sound close to the surface of the water will result in their expelling air and in turn making bubbles in the water. The aim is for the swimmer is be able to expel air as their mouth enters the water.

There are many activities to encourage blowing in a controlled way. Blowing through a Rapper Snapper which is a soft corrugated plastic tube with a medium size diameter is a fun way of making bubbles on the water surface.

They Stretch, Bend, Make Weird Sounds, and Are Feather-Light! An outstanding OT eye/hand activity with lots of fun rolled in. Twist and bend these brightly colored accordion-like plastic tubes into countless shapes. With every bend or stretch, Rapper Snappers make fascinating sounds.

Random colours, interlocking lengths, each measuring 36cm collapsed, 137cm extended.