Puddle Jumper Life Jacket

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    Move and swim freely in the uniquely designed lightweight Puddle Jumper which provides floatation around a child’s chest and arms while keeping their head above the water.

    The Puddle Jumper consists of closed cell foam with a woven polyester cover that feels soft on the skin. There is an adjustable buckle that snaps on the back and ensures a secure fit. The floatation aid can be put on and taken off without fuss. The buckle on the back is an excellent design feature as the swimmer is unable to release the buckle by them self.

    Another great feature of the product is that it does not ride up around the neck-unlike many other life jackets in the market.

    The Puddle Jumper may be an option for young swimmers with light to moderate cerebral palsy. It allows the child to keep their head out of the water and freely move their arms and legs.

    The Puddle Jumper is also compliant to Australian Standard 1900-2002

    Suitable for children 2-6 years [15-25kg]

    Size: 49x34x7cm. Colour: Blue/Whale


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