Mack’s Silicone Earplugs for Kids

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These comfortable silicone putty earplugs mold to the unique contours of any child sized ear. Recommended for swimmers 6 years old and under. The waterproof putty is non-toxic and offers hypoallergenic protection to help prevent swimmer’s ear by sealing out water. Bright orange color is fun for kids and easy for parents to see. Comes with plastic carry case. Includes 6 pair. Noise Reduction Rating: 22dB. Use with an ear-wrap for extra protection (see our other listings for details). We also have an adult size in clear color (see adult swimming accessories section for more details).

How long do Mack’s Ear plugs last?

The Pillow Soft silicone (moldable putty) will typically get 5 or more uses. Once they are soiled or no longer sticky, they should be thrown away

Note- These plugs are also great in combating ear pain when flying. They work best if put in before boarding the plane and worn the entire flight. When traveling by air, take-offs and landings can be uncomfortable for some, and downright painful for others. The cause is the difference of pressure in the cabin and the pressure in the ear canal. Once the pressure equalizes, the pain or discomfort disappears. Natural, drug free, safe, comfortable, and latex free.