Inflatable Neck Float

Inflatable neck collar for comfortable head support for swimmers when floating on their back. Secured around neck with velcro strap. Can be used in conjunction with Aquafit Hip Float (item 9308) or Aquafit Body Sling (item 9875). Recommended for swimmers with spasticity and low tone alike.

Small – Inside Circumference 28cm
Medium – Inside Circumference 35cm
Large – Inside Circumference 40cm

How to inflate the neck collar
Please note that there are two bladders within the collar which need to be inflated evenly. That means that you need to inflate one bladder a little and then the other bladder a little until the neck collar is full of air. This will enable the plugs to be pushed into the collar with ease. If your plugs pop out or can not be pressed into the collar, the product is not faulty but instead means that the inflation has not been done evenly as described above.