Hi Support Upright Float

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For swimmer with tendency to lean forward and then backwards while in upright position in float. Velcro opening. We have 3 sizes of Hi Support Upright Floats. Since the body is buoyant in the water, a person’s weight is not of major consideration. The Hi Support Upright Float fits under the armpits of a swimmer just like a swim ring. So the important consideration is chest size. The internal circumference of the 3 upright floats are as follows:

Small: 72cm
Medium: 89cm (appropriate for adolescent to medium size adult)
Large: 102cm (larger adult around 100kg)

Wearing this float is a personal thing in so far as comfort. Some people like floats that are more fitted and other swimmers like floats that are looser around their bodies. However, this float fits snugly into the body as the beads can be “plumped in parts where more buoyancy or support is needed. It is a very comfortable float for swimmers who have difficulty in holding their heads up for any period of time and have the need for extra support behind the head, neck and shoulders. The large pillow enables the swimmer to remain in an upright position in the water and maintain eye contact with friends. An immensely sociable float.